Studio Production

At the World Bank, I have done extensive studio production for our leadership's live transmissions and recorded broadcasts for a number of international appearances, including media. I wrote scripts, handled scheduling and studio shoots, as well as post-production, including graphics and video editing.


I have worked on several video productions, including script, production, shooting, and editing, as well as graphics and animations for several global events, such as COP27, World Bank Annual and Spring Meetings, as well as internal corporate events.  

Video Explainers

As part of my work as communications manager in the technology policy space, I also put together video explainers of bills so that policymakers and partners would receive an easy-to-digest information bit ahead of meetings and events.

Social Media Reels

At the World Bank, I also shot and produced Instagram reels with colleagues, teams, and activities. The one displayed here was produced during the 2023 Human Development Week in Washington, D.C., where more than 2,000 staff from headquarters and country offices gathered to celebrate their work in human development. 

TV Production

I helped produce a 50-minute weekly show with short documentary-like stories on social entrepreneurship and business creativity and a live segment involving a live audience and entertainment/musical guests.

Broadcast on The Romanian National Television | 2013-2014 | Prime Time

My role: Segment producer for Indie Studio & The Romanian National Television

  • Produced the segments on social entrepreneurship: ideation, research, location preparation, managing a crew of five (camera operators, assistants, drivers, sound engineers), and assisting in shooting and editing.
  • On-camera interviews, scriptwriting
  • Assisted in coordinating +50 crew members on set during the live takes
  • Managed relations with the general producer, show hosts, and network managers
  • Established and maintained relations with guests
  • Assisted the show writers in putting together the overall script and show schedule.