I am a writer and media strategist currently covering worldwide tech and innovation. I come from an Eastern European country full of IT nerds whom I constantly struggle to convince I'm cool even though I don't code for a living. I am also completely in love with everything media and technology and am waiting for the day when these two will somehow smoothly combine in my career ambitions.

In the last decade, I've been part of some pretty amazing gigs that involved working for International Emmy-nominated television shows, Pulitzer-winning newspapers, and world-famous magazines. I wrote stories for a few international editions of Esquire magazine, and most recently I covered business and technology for U.S. News & World Report and the Washington Post.

When I am not chasing stories on cool innovations around the world, I love to help my newsrooms or outside media projects with content strategy and creating new segments or products. During my master's at the Missouri School of Journalism, I took two year-long courses on design thinking and reached tiny-town stardom with an iOS/watchOS app that automated the note-taking process for reporters. 

Please always ask me about how I led my team to win a national selection for women in STEM in Chicago by singing Beyonce's "Who Run The World", how I gave a TEDx talk barefoot, and how I presented an app I co-designed to wearable execs at Apple in Cupertino.